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In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

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  • Choose your battles. If you really want to correct someone’s unacceptable behaviour, be prepared for the worst. Not everyone will accept being told they’re wrong. You may end up much more embarrassed than them. Perhaps it’s best to just pray for them. Allah does not want us to commit excesses in our faith or burden ourselves with our worship. The religion of Islam is about moderation. There are too many people criticizing others, pushing them down, looking for their faults and dooming them. Be the positive force who tries to push them up, motivate them, see the best in them, offer words of encouragement and lift them up. Whoever busies themselves with that which does not concern them misses out on much of that which does concern them. O Allaah indeed I ask You for beneficial knowledge, and a good Halal provision, and actions which are accepted. Ameen. Al-salaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmat-Allaahi wa barakaatuhu

  • Don’t complain about who wronged you and who treated you unfairly. It’s all part of the Almighty’s plan to teach you life lessons; that’s why He allowed it. Once you’ve learnt them, you’ll be ready for new opportunities. He will open new doors for you. Does your heart feel burdened? Do you feel like your life is crumbling? Bad days happen to everyone. Start counting your blessings. Remember that there are so many who would trade places with you. For the life you have. For everything He has blessed you with. Be grateful. Remember, there are many out there who act like they are experts in the lives of others. The ones trying to throw stones at other people are not perfect. In fact, only those who have to hide bad things throw mud at others, to turn the attention away from themselves. Our lives are filled to the brim with the favors of God – if we would only take a minute to recognize them. May Allah make us among His grateful slaves. Aameen. Al-salaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmat-Allaahi wa barakaatuhu

  • Allah’s plans…

    Some things are beyond planning. And life doesn’t always turn out as planned.

    You don’t plan for a broken heart. You don’t plan for an autistic child. You don’t plan for spinsterhood. You don’t plan for a lump in your body.

    You plan to be young forever. You plan to climb the corporate ladder. You plan to be rich and powerful. You plan to be acclaimed and successful. You plan to conquer the universe. You plan to fall in love – and be loved forever.

    You don’t plan to be sad. You don’t plan to be hurt. You don’t plan to be broke. You don’t plan to be betrayed. You don’t plan to be alone in this world. You plan to be happy. You don’t plan to be shattered .

    Sometimes if you work hard enough, you can get what you want. But MOST times, what you want and what you get are two different things.

    We, mortals, plan. But so does Allah (subhan wa ta’aala) in the heavens. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand Allah’s plans… especially when His plans are not in consonance with ours .

    Often, when He sends us crisis, we turn to Him in anger. True, we cannot choose what Allah wishes us to carry, but we can carry it with courage knowing that He will never abandon us nor send something we cannot cope with .

    Sometimes, Allah breaks our spirit to save our soul
    Sometimes, He breaks our heart to make us whole
    Sometimes, He allows pain so we can be stronger
    Sometimes, Allah sends us failure so we can be humble
    Sometimes, He allows illness so we can take better care of ourselves.
    And sometimes, Allah takes everything away from us… so we can learn the value of everything He gave us

    Make plans, but understand that we live by Allah’s grace.

    “Although they plan, Allah also plans. And Allah is the Best of Planners” [ Qur’an 8:30 ]

  • “Talaq! Talaq! Talaq!” Is that really easy to divorce a wife just pronounce this words three times with immediate effect? According to Sura At-Talaq 65:1-7 has clearly mentioned that if a man declare Talaq, he has to wait for three months, so-called “waiting time” to ensure the woman is not pregnant for his baby. He cannot kick her out of the home or lock the home to refuse her back except she’s committing a clear immorality. He has to maintain her as usual at home. However, if any sexual intercourse happens during this waiting time, the marriage will be reinstated automatically.

    During this waiting time, it is suggested trying to retain the wife; otherwise separate with her according to acceptable terms with two just men to witness and establish the testimony.

    If the wife is found pregnant during this waiting time, the man has to keep her at home until the baby is born. The man has to responsible for all the expenses during the waiting time no matter she’s pregnant or not. Also compensate the woman if she feeds the baby. But if you cannot bear with each other then let another woman suckle the baby for you.
    Below is the sura quoted for your reference. It’s so clear that Taqwa (awareness of Allah) is so important during this divorce process. Allah has given clear instructions and women’s rights during this process in the Quran. If anyone simply declare talaq three times at a time and refuse to take the woman back or push her out of the home, he is clearly not following Islam.

    Sura At-Talaq
    (65:1) O Prophet, when you [Muslims] divorce women, divorce them for [the commencement of] their waiting period and keep count of the waiting period, and fear Allah, your Lord. Do not turn them out of their [husbands’] houses, nor should they [themselves] leave [during that period] unless they are committing a clear immorality. And those are the limits [set by] Allah. And whoever transgresses the limits of Allah has certainly wronged himself. You know not; perhaps Allah will bring about after that a [different] matter.
    (65:2) And when they have [nearly] fulfilled their term, either retain them according to acceptable terms or part with them according to acceptable terms. And bring to witness two just men from among you and establish the testimony for [the acceptance of] Allah. That is instructed to whoever should believe in Allah and the Last day. And whoever fears Allah – He will make for him a way out
    (65:3) And will provide for him from where he does not expect. And whoever relies upon Allah – then He is sufficient for him. Indeed, Allah will accomplish His purpose. Allah has already set for everything a [decreed] extent.
    (65:4) And those who no longer expect menstruation among your women – if you doubt, then their period is three months, and [also for] those who have not menstruated. And for those who are pregnant, their term is until they give birth. And whoever fears Allah – He will make for him of his matter ease.
    (65:5) That is the command of Allah, which He has sent down to you; and whoever fears Allah – He will remove for him his misdeeds and make great for him his reward.
    (65:6) Lodge them [in a section] of where you dwell out of your means and do not harm them in order to oppress them. And if they should be pregnant, then spend on them until they give birth. And if they breastfeed your offspring, compensate them and settle the matter [of compensation] with mutual consultation and in all fairness. But if you cannot bear with each other then let another woman suckle the baby for you.
    (65:7) Let a man of wealth spend from his wealth, and he whose provision is restricted – let him spend from what Allah has given him. Allah does not charge a soul except [according to] what He has given it. Allah will bring about, after hardship, ease.

  • Ignorance is dangerous. Blind following is stupidity. Even a high school kid has to quote the reference not only because to avoid plagiarism but also to make sure they read the facts before any discussion. However, there are many attacks online related to Islam, not even based on the facts and the real teachings of Islam. The intellectuals have diminished so much because only very small quantity of people will bother to check the source and content authenticity; or one has too much hate that only lies and criticizes, to fulfill their purposes; or the hate speech promoters just bully and harass whoever speak opposite of their views, and brand them as anti-free speech. Peace and love can never be achieved by spreading lies and hate. It applies to everybody who believes or does not believe in God.

  • Amazing Website! So informative! We need more websites like this! Alhumdulilah!

  • Mashaa-Allah. Very beautiful and informative. May Allah bless you. Peace.

  • Alhumdulilah! Good job!

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