Prophet Ishmael

(19:54) And mention in the Book, Ishmael. Indeed, he was true to his promise, and he was a messenger and a prophet.
(19:55) And he used to enjoin on his people prayer and zakah and was to his Lord pleasing.

(38:45) And remember Our servants, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – those of strength and [religious] vision.
(38:46) Indeed, We chose them for an exclusive quality: remembrance of the home [of the Hereafter].
(38:47) And indeed they are, to Us, among the chosen and outstanding.
(38:48) And remember Ishmael, Elisha and Dhul-Kifl, and all are among the outstanding.

(21:85) And [mention] Ishmael and Enoch (Idris) and Dhul-Kifl; all were of the patient.
(21:86) And We admitted them into Our mercy. Indeed, they were of the righteous.