Prophet Ezra

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful

(2:259) Or take another example of the one (Prophet Ezra) who passed by a town which had fallen down upon its roofs.  He exclaimed: “How can Allah bring this dead township back to life?”  Thereupon Allah caused him to die, and after one hundred years brought him back to life.  Allah asked: “How long did you remain here?”  (Ezra) replied: “(Perhaps) a day or part of a day.”  Allah said: “Nay!  You have remained here for one hundred years: now just have a look at your food and drink; they are not rotten; and then look at your donkey (and see that his very bones have decayed).  We have done this to make you a Sign for mankind.  Look at the bones of your donkey how We bring them together then clothe them with flesh (and bring him back to life)!  When this all was shown clearly to him he said, “Now I know that Allah has power over everything.”